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As part of our Internet Services NetRunner allows many account holders to create their own website. When your account is first created, you are given a generic page: This is your starting point. From this file (index.html) you can create any kind of site you desire. You may advertise or sell commercial products, rant about a political or social issue or just plain have fun. NetRunner will not censor you. (If you need to display Pornographic materials or advertise your site as Adult oriented, expect a call from sales however)

Q and A

Q: Other local ISP's charge extra if I want to advertise or sell a product or service. Does NetRunner?
NO! We understand that advertising on the Internet is a risk. We allow our customers to grow. Our Web Hosting Page describes the various levels of service we provide. As your site grows in both size and traffic so will your level of service. In this way if your venture fails you are not out tons of money.
Q:I want to use the CGI-BIN. Another ISP said that I had to pay $50 to have an image map! What does NetRunner have to say about that?
The most professional response to that one I can think of is phooy! Netrunner allows it's basic websites to have mail forms and image maps (maybe soon access counts). This is free. (Instructions for setting these up can be found on this page.) If you wish a higher level of "bin" usuage contact our sales depar tment for detailed quotes.

More questions? Send them to webmaster@netrunner.net

"One Thousand and One URLs"

The best way to learn HTML is to (a) Read a Book or (b) Surf the Net.
Below is an evergrowing list of URLS covering almost every aspect of HTML design and usuage. I am positive that nearly every question that you may have is answered somewhere on one of the pages below.

General Web World Wide Web FAQ
History of the Web
The World Wide Web Consortium
Copyright on the Internet
Copyright Myths
Standards and Reference HTML Specification Version 3.0
Searching the HTML 2.0 Specification
HTML Reference from Sandia
Webcom's HTML Guide
The HTML Reference Library
Netscapes Creating Net Sites
Microsoft's HTML Reference
Wilbur (HTML 3.2)
HTML Style Sheets
Style and Design Cern's Style Guide for Online Hypertext
Articles on Webspace Design by Jim Hurley
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
ANU - Making a WWW Flop
Why the Web sucks
Sun's Web Style Guide
Elements of Style. 1918.
David Siegel's Famous Rantings
Composing Good HTML
URLS and Techobabble A Beginner's Guide to URLs
A Guide to URLs
Web Addressing
Basic Tutorials Beginners Guide to HTML
Introduction to HTML
Yet another HTMYHPO
Intermediate HTML
Carlos' FORM Tutorial
Advanced Tutorials The Frames Tutor (see also the Tables and Forms Tutors)
Jay's guide to Frames
HTML Table Tutorial
HTML Sound Tags Examples
Project Cool's Neat Tips
Authoring Tools The HotDog Web Editor Windows
HoTMetaL Mac and Windows
WebEdit Windows
Microsoft FrontPage Windows
Simple HTML Mac
HTML Grinder Mac
Web Warrior Mac
JAVA Sun's Java Home
Jamba (a cool tool)
Digital Expresso
Microsoft presents Java!
ActiveX Microsoft's ActiveX Component Gallery
Microsoft's ActiveX Control Pad (nice tool)
Activex.com (c|net's huge resource)
ActiveX FAQ
Gamelan's ActiveX area
JavaScript Netscape's JavaScript Authoring Guide
JScript (Microsoft's version of JavaScript)
JavaScript-Intro by Voodoo
The JavaScript Index
JavaScript 411
JavaScript Tutorial
VBScript Microsoft's VBScript Site
Spout Off!
J Walks Demo Stuff
VRML VRML 2.0 Tutorial
VRML 1.0 Tutorial
Mesh Mart
Liquid Reality
CGI and PERL Matt's Script Archive
Selena Sol's Archive
The CGI Collection
PERLShop Free Shopping Cart
The PERL Homepage (start your PERL Knowledge quest here)
Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms
Database Visual FoxPro Internet Tools
Microsoft Access Homepage
Cold Fusion

Imagemaps Mapedit editor for Windows
Map This!
WebMap (for Macintosh)
How to do imagemaps
Client-side Imagemaps
Image Editors GIF Construction Set for Windows (animated gif maker)
Corel Corporation Home Page
GIFConvertor (for Macs)
Welcome to CorelNET
Paint Shop Pro (Cheap and Good alternative to Photoshop)
Microsoft Image Composer
Gif·gIf·giF (animated gif maker)
Universe (an awesome space background generator)
Ulead (makers of wonderful web graphics tools)
Photoshop Adobe
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
Rusty's Tips
Photoshop Tips Page
Image Soup
Photoshop Ticks
Photoshop Paradise
Image Banks Netscapes archive
The NetRunner Graphics Depot
Animated Gif Collection
kira's icon library
Balls, Balls, and more Balls!
Characters and symbols available as transparent GIFs
Button World
Ezines WebMaster Magazine
interNIC News
Web Developer
Web Week
WebServer Magazine


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