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Miami: 305-908-9401 (was 255-5844)
Ft. Lauderdale/Delray Beach: 954-745-8028 (was 349-0478)
Palm Beach: 561-515-1800
Cybergate Tech Support: 954-421-1111
NetRunner Tech Support: 305-255-5800

12173 South Dixie Highway
Miami FL USA
(305) 255-5800

Be sure to tune "Into Tomorrow" with Dave
Graveline, brought to you in part by NetRunner/VoxMail, heard locally every Sunday LIVE from 2pm to 4pm on WJNO 1040AM

The installation of the T3 connection between NetRunner and ACSI/Cybergate has been completed. This additional path to the Internet provides for even greater reliability, adding another path to the Internet, and significantly increased speed.

Starting next week (Jan 12th) we will begin transitioning our dial-up modem lines to the ACSI/Cybergate network. This transition will provide our customers with high-speed 56k access lines, less congestion, and an overall performance increase. If you've been experiencing busy signals,  now - no more busys!

All dial-in users must begin using the new modem access numbers next week. Contact (via Email) either NetRunner or Cybergate for your login information on the new access numbers. Or call 305 255-5800 (NetRunner) or 954 421-1111 (Cybergate).

Don't forget - only your login procedure will change. Email addresses, web sites, etc all remain the same (@netrunner.net).

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