Setting up a Bitsurfer Pro with NetRunner

Step 1. Flash ROM

The very first thing you will want to do is make sure the Flash ROM is current. This can be done at


Step 2. Driver Installation

1. Click My Computer >> Control Panel >> Modems.
2. Choose Modem Properties: General and click ADD.
3. Check "Don't detect modem..." and hit Next. Use the supplied Configuration Manager Setup Disk and click "Have Disk".
4. From the generated list select Motorola BitSURFR Pro Plug & Play. Hit next.
5. Select correct Communications Port (Com #) and hit next.
6. Finish.

Step 3. Configuration Manager

1. The Configuration Manager is used to configure and test the ISDN adapter and the line itself. Open the Configuration Manager and fill in your SPIDS and other required infornmation that was given to you by BellSouth when your line was installed.

Step 3. Connection Setup

1. Return to Modem Properties and select "Mototola BitSURFR Pro".
2. Under General: Set the port speed to 115,200. Under Connection: Data Bits: 8,Parity: None,Stop Bits: 1. Under Advanced, "Use Flow Control" must be checked. and UNLESS you are bonding "Hardware (RTS/CTS)" should be checked. The following Extra Settings are needed:

  • 64K: AT&F&C1&D2%A2=95@B0=1

  • 128K: AT&F&C1&D2%A2=95@B0=2

Step 3. The NetRunner Icon

1. Dial-Up Networking should be installed as outlined in our Win95 Support Page.
2. Right-Click on the NetRunner icon in the Dial-Up Networking and select properties.
3. If you have a 64K connection, enter the number our salwes staff gave you when you signed up and make sure "Connect using: Motorola BitSURFR Pro" is selected
4. If you have a 128K connection. Uncheck Use country code and area code. Enter the two numbers given to you thusly: 0000000&0000000
5. Click OK

Step 4. Connect
From here on it's exactly like connecting with a modem. Just hit the NetRunner Icon and surf. Occasionally the BitSurfr will get "confused" if this happens the best thing to go is go into Hyperterminal and connect to the com port that the BitSurfr lives on and reset it. Here are the strings:

One B Channel, PAP, & 64K Connection

Two B Channels (MPP), PAP & 128K Connection
4. AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%A2=95@B0=2@M2=P%A4=0

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