Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is a very powerful and free mail reader. It offers several features that no other reader has including Auto responding and advanced filtering. It can be rather tricky to set up though. Here's what you need to do. Please note that future versions may change slightly but the basic principles here will still apply. If your PM doesn't ask these questions, apply the ultimate computer to them (your brain) and let common sense solve your problems.

After downloading, unzip the file in a temporary directory and run the DOS program, PCONFIG.EXE.

  • Select "Configuring Pegasus Email for Windows".
  • Select "Stand Alone Configuration"
  • Press "Y" or Enter for all remaining questions, then "Exit Saving Settings".
  • Create an Icon for WINPMAIL.EXE and call it Pegasus Mail.

Double clicking on that Icon should launch Pegasus and bring up a setup screen. Enter your username WITHOUT THE CAPITAL P, under Your user name. Check Save your username in WIN.INI for future use. Hit OK.

Pegasus should now fire up. Go to File >> Preferences >> General Settings. Put your full name in Personal Name and your E-mail Address in Default Reply address. As you become familiar with the program and AFTER READING THE HELP FILE you can experiment with the other settings. Hit OK.

Once again Go to File >> Preferences now select Advanced Settings. Here's the settings:

  • New Mail Poll Time: 20
  • Organization:
  • Internet Mail Time Zone: -0500 (That's Eastern Standard Time)
  • Accept confirm Reading Requests : checked
  • Winsock.dll: check NEVER or if that doesn't work try ON DEMAND ONLY.
  • Telltale window: Enabled

OK. Here it gets strange. Exit Pegasus altogether. Open it back up. Under File, there should be three new entries and the ribbon icon bar should have several new icons on it. Select File >> Network Configuration. Here are the settings:

  • Relay Host:
  • From Field: your e-mail address
  • Host:
  • Username: your username (NO CAPITAL P)
  • Password: your password
  • Leave Mail larger than 10K optional

Hit OK, and Restart Pegasus. You should have no problems getting you mail. Be sure to read the extensive help. This will teach you how to filter, file and auto-respond

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