Your First Web Site here at NetRunner

So you've roamed the web and now YOU want your own site...where to begin?
It seems daunting at first, but it's rather easy. (The only hard part is doing something that isn't :o) crap! ).
Assuming that isn't an issue (all NetRunner customers are instantly granted supreme, [though perhaps dormant,] webmanship the instant your account is created), you must first learn HTML and web graphics. That's easy! Go buy a book! Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES call the Webmaster and ask questions about placing images or making lists or linking pages. It is in my contract that I may tease and ridicule any customer that calls with an HTML question that can be easily solved with a few minutes of research. With some 3000 customers...I simply don't have the me for the "big" stuff...
There are a number of pages in our Webs section. Study them. Visit the Hyperlinks.
Once you've completed your first work it's time to transfer it to our system. Here's what you do:

  1. Connect to NetRunner
  2. Open up your FTP client (either WS-FTP or Fetch)
  3. Connect to using your username and password
  4. You will be placed in your "home" directory. Look for a subdirectory called public_html
  5. If you see it, move into it...if not create one, then move into it.
  6. Following the instructions supplied with your client, transfer the first page that you want people to see. If is not already so named, rename it index.html.
  7. You may now continue to transfer graphics and pages.

Congratulations, you now have a Website!

A few pointers from the Webmaster

  • Make sure that you upload *.htm or *.html as ASCII!
  • Make sure that you upload any graphics as BINARY!
  • If you have broken images make sure that they have the same name in the HTML as they appear in the directory. An image called as image.GIF which appears in the directory as image.gif will be broken.

Good Luck and Have Fun...Remember this is HTML it ain't Rocket Science!

Use the accounting equation to avoid errors and understand your company.

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