Using Microsoft's Web Publishing Wizard

Microsoft provides, free of charge, a tool to publish your FrontPage web, Office 97 WebPages or Publisher 97 WebPages to any server. They call this Webpost or the Web Publishing Wizard. It's a handy and convenient tool to use. Here's how to get started:

Step 1. Locate the Web Publishing Wizard. Start >> Accessories >> Internet Tools.

Step 2. The Wizard begins with an Introductory page, select next and you are asked for a file or directory to publish to the WWW. For this example lets drag an html file onto the desktop and call it "a.htm" In the dialog box enter "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\a.htm" (or browse for it), then press next.

Step 3. On the next page press "New" Enter a descriptive name for this connection and select <Other Internet Provider> Press next.

Step 4. The next pane requires an address. My username is sabercat so I will enter "". Replace sabercat with your username and DO NOT use the Capital P that you use to login with.

Step 5. If you wish the wizard to automatically dialin when you call it select "Use dial up networking" on the next pane. If you plan on only using it when you are already connected to NetRunner, choose Use Local Area Network.

Step 6. The wizard will "Verify" the address then complain to you. Ignore this and press next or OK until you reach the page which asks for a protocol. Select FTP - File Transfer Protocol. Then press next.

Step 7. Now the wizard needs your username and password to our system. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Enter your username WITHOUT THE CAPITAL P!!!!!! Enter your password also and press next.

Step 8. On the next page enter

Step 9. On this pane you must enter the subfolder where your web files are kept. This is public_html. Also enter the URL for your website which is (in my case) (replace sabercat with YOUR username).

Step 10. Provide that you followed instructions... the wizard will reverify the connection and report that it is ready to publish. If it complains, go back and re-read the above and follow the instructions more carefully.

Now uploading an image or page is as easy as right clicking on the item and selecting Send To >> Web Publishing Wizard.

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