Connecting with OS/2 Warp

(The information provided on this page has been provided by NetRunner user Fred Grayson. Thanks Fred!

Os/2 Warp comes with a pretty good set of Internet clients. Some users think they are worth the price of Warp alone and they get the operating system thrown in for free.
Unfortunately, it can't be modified to work with another provider. They do, however, include an alternate dialer for this purpose that can be made to work with either SLIP or PPP protocols. It's OK, but you have to do a lot of work with the mouse or keyboard everytime you use it. You will have to struggle with this at least once because some of the information in its settings pages will be placed into files needed later. Chances are probably already have it working.

Below is an OS/2 command file and response file that was written to dial into NetRunner using PPP.
Use an ordinary ascii editor to creat a file called
dial.cmd. It contains the one line below:
ppp com3 115200 file ppp.rsp
You will have to change the comm port number and the baud rate to match your system's hardware.
Next create the response file ppp.rsp containing the FIVE lines below. Not the last two lines are broken here. The lines beginning with connect and ending in password" are alll on a single line in the file.

idle 5
priority 1
connect "slattach AT&F OK ATM0V1X4&C1&D2&R1\\Q3\\V4S11=50 OK ATDT*70, xxx-xxxx ogin: Pusername ord: password"

idle 5 will disconnect you after five minutes of no activity. You will get a warning panel two minutes before being cut off. You can change this to whatever you want.
I don't know how your system will react to a priority 1 setting. Try priority 2 or 3 if you have problems.
You will have to use your own correct modem strings, these work for Motorola.
Note the "P" included in front of your username, that tells NetRunner to start a PPP connection.
The *70, turns off call waiting, if you have it. The phone number is listed as xxx-xxxx replace it with your POP Number.
Put both files in any directory, it dosen't matter which one so long as they are together.
To test the program, open an OS/2 window or full screen session and change to the directory where you put the files. Type:


and press return. If all goes well, you will be connected in about 45 seconds. You will have to close the window or type CTRL+C to hang up.
Once you have this working, open your Drive Icon and click down into the directory where the files are stored. Drag a copy of dial.cmd to the Launch Pad. You can change the object's settings to run minimized, close on exit, and change the icon to something more pleasing.

Click once and you are in!

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