We Are Here to Help

Netrunner prides itself on its technical support. We make every effort to quickly help our customers through the trials and tribulations of Internet use.

We cannot support software or Operating Systems, but we have put together the following information to help you out. Before you call tech support, please review these pages. If you cannot find the answer to your question, try one of our other support options:

Support Options:

There are a number of ways you can get help from the support team at NetRunner:

Important Email Addresses:


Web Hotline to Support

Phone Numbers:

Miami: 305-255-5800
FAX: 305-255-2566


We have a number of newsgroups devoted to support. Look for them under netrunner.*

Training Partners:

Soft Train

Tech Support

Important Numbers

  • NetRunner's Domain: netrunner.net
  • Your IP Address: Dynamically Assigned (usually in setups)
  • Netmask:
  • NetRunner's Name Servers (DNS):
  • News Server: news.netrunner.net (
  • Mail Server: mailhost.netrunner.net (
  • Time Server: None
  • Telnet Address: wahoo.netrunner.net
  • Local Access Numbers:
    • Miami/Dade: (305) 255-5844
    • Ft Lauderdale: (305) 349-0478
    • Boca: (407) 447-8963
  • Establish a PPP connection at the login prompt:
    Type a capital P in front of your username.
    Establish a SLIP connection at the login prompt:
    Type a capital S in front of your username.
    Access your Shell:
    Simply type your username.


    Old Stuff
    This material is old and may be out of date. We provide it only to assist customers that may be using these older products. Since software is changing so rapidly these days, we have discontinued pages on individual packages. Your best bet in setting up a new package is to read the documentation and help files and call NetRunner support if you need help with the settings.

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