Setting up Email
Setting up an Email Reader can be confusing. Part of this is because software designers cannot decide what to call different things. Not to worry. We will try to sort it out for you.


You will be asked for an Outgoing Server (sometimes called STMP server) and an Incoming Server (sometimes called a POP3 server). Some readers just call this the Internet Mail Server. Both of these should be exactly:

unless you are using Eudora in which case the entry should read:


Sometimes this is called POP3 Username or Email Account or simply Account Name. This should be your username without the capital p. For example if you username is bob and you login in as Pbob, then your POP3 username should be exactly:


Your email address:

Is your username (without the capital p) and In the example above, user bob has an email address of:

Your Password is of course: your password.

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