Setting up IRC
IRC is very fun, but unlike AOL's Chat Rooms, you have to know some commands. Here are some basic ones:

To get into a room which you know the name of:

/JOIN #channel
example: /join #irchelp
This will join you to the #irchelp channel. If the channel you specified doesn't exist, a channel with that name will be created for you.

To leave a room:

/PART #channel

Leave a channel.
example: /part #irchelp

To Get a listing of Rooms:

/LIST [#string] [-MIN #] [-MAX #]

Lists currently available channels. You can also tell mIRC to show only channels with a minimum and a maximum number of people. If you specify a #string then mIRC will only list channels with that string in their title.
example: /list
example: /list -min 5 -max 20
example /list #love

To send an AOL-Style "Instant Message":

/QUERY nickname message

Open'swindow to this user and send them a private message.

To change your Nickname:

/NICK nickname

Changes your nickname to whatever you like.

To Leave and tell everyone why:

/QUIT [reason]

This will disconnect you from IRC and will give the optional message as the reason for your departure. example: /quit I'm going to bed!


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