Setting up FTP
Setting up a client to FTP to your account on NetRunner is easy. FTP for the uninitiated is File Transfer Protocol. Its purpose is to transfer files to and from your computer to remote computers on the Internet.


You will need a Host Name or Remote Server name. If you wished to connect to the NetRunner computer, say to upload a webpage, the address is:

Server Type:

You can generally leave this as:

Automatic Detect


There are two types of FTP. Anonymous and User Login. Anonymous is just that. You login as a general Internet User and are given certain areas in the remote computer that you may prowl in.

To login anonymously on nearly any computer, you enter Anonymous as a username and your email address as a password.

To logon as a User Login, enter your NetRunner username and your password that you use to login regularly with. Remember that a User Login will only work when you try to FTP to NetRunner's machine.

Now its only a matter of transferring the files:

Important Tip:

Text files and HTML pages should be transferred as ASCII.
EXE and Zip files and Images like GIF and JPEG should be transferred as Binary.

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