TechTips: WSFTP


This is the program of choice for FTP file transfers. Setting this program up right will make file transfers very easy and painless. After installing the program. Make an icon for ws_ftp.exe and double-click on it. You'll be presented with a Connect To box. Press Cancel.

Now press Options >> Program Options. You'll want the following checked:

  • Show Full Directory Information
  • Auto Save Host Configurations
  • Verify Deletions
  • Show Connect Dialog
  • Your viewer should be notepad.exe or if you have a fancy store bought viewer like Viewer95 you can use that.
  • Enter you e-mail address.
  • Double-click should be view.
  • Un check Log if you don't want log files cluttering up your hard drive.
  • Press Save and select Session Options.

  • Host Type should be Automatic detect.
  • Transfer Type should be Automatic detect.
  • The other options can be left with the defaults.
  • Press Save as Default then Save. Select ASCII Extensions.

    You'll want to add any file extensions you KNOW are text format that are not listed here. A couple of good examples are .PL for PERL Scripts and .JAVA for JAVA Source files.

    The other buttons are for optional things and can be ignored for now. Press Exit then Connect.

    Let's set up a sample connection. For this example let's assume you want to connect to NetRunner to upload files for your website. On the Session Profile screen press New.

    Profile Name: NetRunner: My Website

    Host Name:

    Host Type: (UNIX) Standard

    User ID: your username (without the capital "P")

    Password: your password

    Account: leave blank

    Make sure Save Password and Auto Save Config are checked and Anonymous Login is not checked.

    Initial Directories should be left blank for now.

    Press SAVE >> OK. You'll now connect to NetRunner

    You'll now see a two sided window. On the left is your local system on the right, ours. On the right upper pane, scroll until you see public_html. That is where your website is. Double-click on that and the pane will change. You are now inside of that directory.

    OK, you'll now you'll need to go to the location on your local system where you keep you webfiles. Do this by pressing Chgdir on the upper left pane and typing in the path to the files (i.e. C:\website).

    Now that we're all set up. Move the WS-FTP window to the center of your screen and press Options again. Press Save Directory Names and Save Window Location. Now every time you connect to NetRunner:Website the screen will look exactly like this.

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