Quarterdecks InternetSuite

Setting up the Suite is Easy!

  1. Install the IS and click on the Location Manager icon.
  2. Select the Connection Helper which leads to the Account Type window. Choose 'I would like to use an Dial-Up account'.
  3. Enter NetRunner on the Location Information panel, Choose EST and DST for time zone Info. Hit Next.
  4. This panel wants your country (if you don't know your country call 411 or ask your neighbors (grin), enter your area code, and enter the call waiting disable code (*70) if you have call waiting. Hit Next.
  5. Enter any special codes here. Next.
  6. Here you choose your comm port and modem. Next.
  7. Next is the Provider Information pane, select 'My Service Provider is NOT in the above list'.
  8. Fill in the following info.
    IP Address: Click on the Dynamic box
    Login or Username: Enter a capital P and your username ie Pbob.
    Password: Enter your password
    DNS Server(s):
    Connection Type: PPP with VJ Compression


  9. Fill in the following.
    E-Mail Account: enter your username NO CAPITAL P!!!!!!!!!
    E-Mail Password: enter your password.
    E-Mail Address:   ie.
    SMTP Server:
    POP3 Server:
    NNTP Server:


  10. Fill in the following.
    Country: USA
    Phone Number: enter our local number for your area.
    Baud Rate: your baud rate
    Settings: 8,n,1


  11. Press Finish if your convinced you've entered everything correctly.
  12. The Location Manager now as NetRunner! You can edit this by selecting Edit Locations & Providers.

Now to connect....

  1. In the Quarterdeck InternetSuite group and click on the QWinsock icon.
  2. Click in the upper left corner of the Quarterdeck Winsock panel.
    Which will bring up a menu. Select settings and unselect 'Auto Disconnect on WSACleanup'. Say OK.
  3. Now select Connect from the menu. When you see 'VJ-compression successfully negotiated' and Connected on the bottom ribbon of the pane you are connected!
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