Navigator Personal Edition

Installing, Setting Up, and Using Netscape Navigator with NetRunner

These instructions are rather outdated. Netscape Navigator Personal Edition is a supported Netscape Product.
If you need assistance with what numbers to put in then feel free to call the office. Otherwise please contact the support number for Netscape listed in your owners manual for further help.

NOTE! These instructions are step-by-step, all the way down to the keystrokes and mouse-clicks. It is strongly recommended that you print a copy of this file and use it as a checklist. Please follow these steps exactly. Missing a step may result in having to delete the files and start over!

With this in mind, the process may be performed in three phases:
1. Installing the software
2. Setting up the program icons
3. Configuring the dialer

Another section follows this one, on setting up Eudora Light.

Phase 1 - Installing the software

This process must be performed in Windows. Make sure no programs are running.
1. Place Disk 1 of Netscape Navigator in your floppy drive.
2. In the Program Manager, click on File, then click Run...
3. In the Command Line box, type:
and press Enter.
4. A Welcome box will appear. Click on Continue (or press Enter.)
5. Netscape Setup options will appear. If the directory given is acceptable, leave the Typical checked, and click on Continue.
6. Netscape Navigator will then begin its installation.
7. When prompted to do so, switch disks and click OK (or press Enter.)
8. Netscape Navigator will create a program group and two icons.
9. Navigator will pop up a box stating that some system files were altered. Click OK (or press Enter.)
10. Navigator will then advise you to restart the computer, so that its changes will take effect. Click on Restart Windows (or press Enter) and Windows will restart.
11. That completes the first phase of the process.

Phase 2 - Setting up the Program Icons

1. Click **ONCE** on Registration Wizard icon, do NOT click twice!
2. Press Delete on your keyboard. Registration Wizard is designed to set up an account with a nationwide Internet service provider, an unnecessary process for NetRunner customers.
3. A box will appear asking you to confirm the command to delete the icon. Click on Yes (or press Y.) The icon will disappear. NOTE: The program is still available, only the icon was deleted.
4. In the Program Manager's menu, click on File, then click on New. 5. Leave the Program Item selected, and click on OK (ore press Enter.) 6. In the Description box, type:
Netscape 1.1 Navigator
and press the Tab key (upper left corner of the keyboard.)
7. In the Command Line box, type:
and press Tab. (NOTE: If you specified a different directory or installed Navigator on top of a previous version, you'll need to either specify the new directory or click on Browse... and find the program NETSCAPE.EXE.)
8. Click on OK (or press Enter.) An icon for Netscape will appear.
9. In the Program Manager's menu, click on File, then click on New.
10. Leave the Program Item selected, and click on OK (ore press Enter.)
11. In the Description box, type:
Eudora Mail Reader
and press Tab.
12. In the Command Line box, type:
and press Tab.
13. Click on OK (or press Enter.) An icon for Eudora will appear.
14. In the Program Manager's menu, click on File, then click on New.
15. Leave the Program Item selected, and click on OK (ore press Enter.)
16. In the Description box, type:
Dialer and press Tab.
17. In the Command Line box, type:
and press Tab.
18. Click on OK (or press Enter.) An icon for the Dialer will appear.
19. The Netscape Navigator group should contain four icons: Read Me, Netscape 1.1 Navigator, Eudora, and Dialer.
20. That completes the second phase of the setup process.

Phase 3 - Configuring the Dialer

1. Start Notepad (usually in the Accessories group) by clicking twice on its icon.
2. In Notepad's menu, click on File, then click on Open.
3. In the Filename box, type:
and press Enter.
4. Make the following changes to the file:
4a. In the [Security] section, make this change:

  • SecurityDevice=yes The original setting is No. Change it to Yes. Leave no spaces.
  • 4b. Move to the end of the file, leave one blank line, and add the following text:
  • [Security Script]
  • Event0=ogin:|%name
  • Event1=assword:|%password
    The text above must be duplicated EXACLTY, including the missing characters! (NOTE: If you prefer, you may open two copies of Notepad, one with this file, and one with the file. Then you may highlight and copy the addition above to the clipboard (with CTRL-C) and paste it (with CTRL-V) to the file.)
    5. Save the changes and exit Notepad.
    6. Click twice on the Dialer icon. A box will appear asking for information.
    7. In the User Name: box, enter a capital P (DO NOT leave a space!) followed by your account's user name, all lowercase, and press Tab.
    8. In the Password: box, enter your password carefully, again in lowercase, and press Tab.
    9. Leave the Current Location: setting alone. Press Tab.
    10. In the Number to Dial: box, enter one of NetRunner's access numbers, whichever is local to you (without the city!):

    • 255-5844 (Miami)
    • 447-8963 (Boca Raton)
    • 349-0478 (Ft. Lauderdale)

    Press Enter.
    11. A box will appear stating that the modem was not set up yet, and asking if you'd like to set up a modem. Click on Yes (or press Enter.)
    12. A Modem Setup box will appear. Click on Next > (or press Enter.) The auto-detect system will search all of your computer's COM ports looking for a modem. When it finds it, the name of the modem or a similar or compatible modem will be shown. If the modem you have is not shown, click on Change... to manually select a modem.
    13. Click on Next >.
    14. Click on Finish to complete the setup process.
    15. The Dialer will then try to place the call.
    16. If an error message is displayed, verify that the modem is connected and installed properly, and that the phone line connection is secure. Then Click on Dial to try again.
    17. Once the dialer makes a connection, it will attempt to log on to the server at NetRunner.
    18. When the connection is completed and NetRunner's server OKs the login, a short series of tones will be sounded through the PC's speaker. Netscape can be set to be started automatically when a connection is established. Also, you can set Netscape to launch the Dialer when it is started if no connection is made beforehand.
    19. That completes the installation and setup of Netscape Navigator.

    For further assistance, please consult Netscape's online help, or contact Netscape directly via the technical support number included on a card with Netscape Navigator.

    Setting up Eudora Light to access E-Mail through NetRunner

    This section covers the configuration of Eudora to retrieve mail from NetRunner's mail server. Eudora Light was installed by Netscape Navigator earlier during its installation process.

    Again, these instructions are step-by-step, down to the keystrokes and mouse clicks.

    1. Start Eudora by clicking twice on its icon. If Eudora asks for a password, click on Cancel.
    2. On Eudora Light's menu, click on Special, then click on Configuration... 3. In the POP Account: box, type:
    <user name>
    Replace <user name> with your account's user name, in lowercase only. Don't leave spaces. The press Tab.
    4. In the Real Name box, type whatever name you want to be known by. This name is used as a plain description of who sent the E-mail. (E-mail addresses are oftem rather cryptic.) Then press Tab.
    5. In the SMTP Server: box, type:
    and press Tab.
    6. In the Return Address box, type:
    <user name>
    Again, replace the <user name> with your user name, and type all of the text in lowercase and without any spaces. Then press Tab.
    7. In the Check For Mail Every ... Minutes box, enter the delay time in minutesd between automatic mail retrieval. Every x amount of minutes, Eudora will log into the mail server and check for new mail, provided that Eudora is running at the time.
    8. The remaining settings may be changed as you see fit.
    9. Click on OK to save the changes.
    10. The first time Eudora tries to check your mail it will ask you for your password. Enter it carefully (remember, all lowercase!) and press Enter. Eudora will then check the mail.
    11. To force Eudora to check for new mail immediately, press CTRL-M.
    12. That completes the setup of Eudora for NetRunner mail access.
    For further assistance, please consult Eudora's online help, or contact Qualcomm, the authors of Eudora.

    © Copyright 1996. NetRunner Inc. All Rights Reserved.