TechTips: Internet in a Box for Win3.x

Configuring Internet in a Box for Win 3.x

Dialer Setup
PPP Access Number (This is your local dialup number):
Miami -                255-5844
Ft. Lauderdale -       349-0478
Boca Raton -           447-8963

Network Settings:

             Your IP:
             Name Server 1:
             Name Server 2:
             Your Host Name:  (leave blank)
             Domain Name:
Default Hosts

AIR Mail:

     E-mail Username:  [your username]
     E-mail Password:  [your password]
     POP3 E-mail:
     SMTP Relay Host:
     E-mail address:  [your username]

Default Internet Hosts:

          AIR Mosaic:
          AIR Gopher:  (leave unchanged)
          AIR News:
          Network File Manager:

Login Setup

After you become comfortable with the login process, it is
suggested that you choose "Automatic Login" and add or edit two
"Auto Login" items.

Both of the items below are entered by pressing the EDIT or
NEW button at the bottom of the screen.

The various columns to fill in are:

Wait for:  Pause: Response:          
Prompt: Prompt String:

ogin:      0      P[your username]  NONE    Protocol/User?

word:      0      [password]  NONE    Password?

- Notes -

* - Do not forget that you will need to place an uppercase P
immediately in front of your username, which should be in
lowercase. This indicates a PPP connection is wanted.

** - If you change your password with the menu, passwd, or
other command online, you must change this to match!
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