Connecting with NT 3.51

Follow this link for Connecting with NT4 Info...

First, you'll need to open up Control Panel, then the Network Icon. You'll need to have both a Computer and Workgroup name. If you don't press the Change button to do so. Scroll through the Network Software and Adapters Cards and see if Remote Access Service is listed. If not, press Add Software to install it. Highlight Remote Access Service and press Configure. You will be presented with a setup screen. Make sure you modem is listed and properly set up. If not press Add... Assuming that it is (in either event you'll end up at the Setup screen again) Press Network. NetBEUI and TCP/IP should be selected. You must now reboot NT. After NT grinds and churns your system to a start, Select the Remote Access Service group. Double click on Remote Access. Now we'll set it up to Connect to NetRunner. Click on the Add button.

  • Entry Name: NetRunner
  • Phone: (your local number)
  • Description: (whatever)
  • DO NOT SELECT: AUTHENTICATE USING CURRENT NAME AND PASSWORD!!!! Now select Advanced. The COM Port which your modem is on and your modem device should be listed. To do the fine tuning of your modem click the Modem button. Assuming you have a new computer with a 28.8 modem choose 115,200 and check all three boxes. If not choose the options which fit your modem Say OK and press the Network Button. You'll need to activate PPP and check TC/PIP ONLY. Now click on the TCP/IP Settings... Here you'll enter:

  • Server assigned IP address.
  • Use specific name server addresses
  • Use VJ Header Compression
  • Use default gateway
  • Now here's the tricky part! Say OK and then open up notepad. We need to edit a file called switch.inf which should be located in your NT directory under system32/ras. at the very bottom add this:

    COMMAND= OK=< match> "ogin"
    COMMAND=Pusername< cr>
    OK=< ignore>
    OK=< match> "assword"
    COMMAND=yourpassword< cr>
    OK=< ignore>

    Replace Pusername with a capital "P" and your username Replace yourpassword with your actual password. Save the file then return to the Phone Book page and hit Security. On this page activate Use clear text Terminal Login only and Select NetRunner beside AfterDialing.

    You're DONE!!!!!!

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