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Each and every day a new company springs up hawking a wonderful new Magic Bullet for adding active content to your website.
It is very difficult to keep up with all the new advances. If there is a particular file type that you'd like to display on your website and the webserver won't do it right, contact the Webmaster and we will make every effort to remedy the situation.

Here is a partial table of configured types:

application/dsptyp tsp  
application/envoy evy  
application/futuresplash spl  
application/hstu stk  
application/iconauthor iw  
application/iconauthor iwm  
application/mac-binhex40 hqx  
application/msword doc  
application/octet-stream bin exe  
application/octet-stream reg  
application/oda oda  
application/oleobject ods  
application/olescript axs  
application/pdf pdf  
application/postscript ai eps ps  
application/rtf rtf  
application/vocaltec-media-desc vmd  
application/vocaltec-media-file vmf  
application/x-alphaworld aw  
application/x-bcpio bcpio  
application/x-clearweb cwm  
application/x-cpio cpio  
application/x-csh csh  
application/x-director dcr  
application/x-director dir  
application/x-director dxr  
application/x-dvi dvi  
application/x-earthtime etc  
application/x-gtar gtar  
application/x-hdf hdf  
application/x-httpd-imap map  
application/x-koan skp skd skt skm  
application/x-latex latex  
application/x-mif mif  
application/x-netcdf nc cdf  
application/x-shar shar  
application/x-sv4cpio sv4cpio  
application/x-sv4crc sv4crc  
application/x-tar tar  
application/x-tcl tcl  
application/x-tex tex  
application/x-texinfo texinfo texi  
application/x-troff t tr roff  
application/x-troff-man man  
application/x-troff-me me  
application/x-troff-ms ms  
application/x-ustar ustar  
application/x-wais-source src  
application/zip zip  
audio/basic au snd  
audio/echospeech es  
audio/midi midi  
audio/midi mid  
audio/voxware vox  
audio/x-aiff aif aiff aifc  
audio/x-mpeg mp2  
audio/x-pn-realaudio ra  
audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin ram  
audio/x-wav wav  
image/fif fif  
image/gif gif  
image/ief ief  
image/jpeg jpeg jpg jpe  
image/tiff tiff tif  
image/x-MS-bmp bmp  
image/x-cgm cgm  
image/x-cmu-raster ras  
image/x-cmx cmx  
image/x-portable-anymap pnm  
image/x-portable-bitmap pbm  
image/x-portable-graymap pgm  
image/x-portable-pixmap ppm  
image/x-rgb rgb  
image/x-wmf wmf  
image/x-xbitmap xbm  
image/x-xpixmap xpm  
image/x-xwindowdump xwd  
img/x-mgx dsf  
text/html html htm  
text/plain txt  
text/richtext rtx  
text/tab-separated-values tsv  
text/x-setext etx  
text/x-xpg xpg  
video/mpeg mpeg mpg mpe  
video/quicktime qt mov  
video/vivo viv vivo  
video/x-msvideo avi  
video/x-sgi-movie movie  
workbook/formulaone vts  
x-world/x-vream vre  
x-world/x-vream vro  
x-world/x-vream vrw  
x-world/x-vrml wrl  
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