A selection of our ISDN Customers:
All American Semiconductor-Miami
Omega Research- Coral Gables
Ransom Everglades - Coconut Grove
James L. Knight Foundation - Miami
CPT Inc - Ft. Lauderdale
Steiner and Assoc.- Ft. Lauderdale
Editorial Televisa- Miami
Kendall Toyota- Kendall
El Comercio - Miami/Ecuador S.A.Slim America - Boca Raton



ISDN is the state-of-the-art when it comes to fast Internet connections. From home you can experience the multimedia content of the web, download spectacular graphics, and even enjoy those huge graphic rich websites which are almost unbearable with a regular 28.8 modem. Businesses can connect their internal LANs permanently to the Internet. All the PCs (or MACs) can access the internet simultaneously at ISDN speeds. Internet mail can be routed to in-house mail servers -- directly to each user, and users have full access to the World-Wide-Web.

Fast and reliable, connections are always made at 64kbps or 128kbps - there is no speed adjusting, hang-ups, or multiple trys. It just plain works. Plus, ISDN is a cost effective way to get an additional voice line into your home which you can use even while connected to the Internet.
Currently BellSouth is offering ISDN service to the home for around $55/month with a $200 installation fee. For a limited time they are offering free installation i f you order the custom calling package (installation normally runs $200 +/-). Business ISDN customers will have to pay around $100/month for their ISDN line.

NetRunner is the first provider to offer full service ISDN connections in the South Florida market. Our experience and capabilites have kept us the leader in ISDN. Many leading business use NetRunner as their sole connection to the Internet, as well as hundreds of average "Net Surfers". The Sidebar contains just a sampling of the companies we've connected to the Net.

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